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It is time to revive your curls. Years of blow drying, heat styling, harsh formulations, and product buildup may have result in your hair no longer looking its best. Although you would believe that all you have to do to get your curls back to how they once were is stop using straighteners on your hair, it actually takes a little more work. We have all the greatest advice on how to restore your natural curl shape so you may begin the path to your finest curls yet best barber shop.

Think About Co-Washing

Co-washing is among the curl community’s most sought-after secrets. Co-washing is the technique of washing your hair using conditioner as opposed to conventional shampoo. Those people who are terrified of oily roots may immediately feel fear at the mere mention of this notion, but trust us when we say it is worth a go. For curly hair types, many shampoos can be extremely drying. These hair types usually choose more moisturizing formulas. Rinse your hair well and avoid using a product that is too strong for your hair; instead, stick to more delicate conditioners. Sure, the initial appearance of your hair may be a little greasier, but the long-term effects will be worthwhile.

Try the “Slow Drying” Technique

Even if choosing air drying over blow drying might be wonderful for your hair, it is advise to go one step beyond and “slow dry” your hair. When you dry your hair “slowly,” you protect it by pinning it up, keeping it cover, or even pulling it back into a ponytail rather than letting it air dry or using a blow dryer to dry it quickly. Your curls or waves will dry sleeker and shinier if you dry your hair slowly, which helps it retain more moisture. To “slow dry” your hair, use the following actions:

  • If you want your hair to dry more slowly after taking a shower, put it inside a microfiber towel or pat it dry.
  • Apply a leave-in treatment from the roots to the ends, then pin or ponytail your hair.
  • Let hair slowly dry and take in nourishment from the water as well as a leave-in conditioner.

Take a Vacation from Heat

Damage from heat is seen in your curls. The curls, which were previously vibrant, are now dry, brittle, and loose; in other words, they essentially appear fried, which is exactly what they are. If the heat has cause your curl pattern to “alter,” it has actually been harm. Put down the hairdryer if you are attempting to revive your springs. Consider it like being ground. You have to pay the cost by never seeing the flat iron, curler or blow dryer again, at least not for a while, because you were not cautious with it. Remember that hair starts to burn at 450 degrees if you plan to use heat, so be cautious while setting the temperature. Also, be sure to apply for heat protection before style.

Feed Your Hair Some Protein Shakes

For restoring your curl pattern, protein is a fantastic solution. In addition to assisting your pattern, you will benefit from ingesting some wholesome, all-natural ingredients for shine, growth, and strength. For this natural cure, you will need the following:

  • 1 egg
  • half an avocado
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 1/3 cup coconut milk
  • 8 to 9 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 8 to 9 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Your essential oils should be add after you have blend all of your ingredients together. Each hair follicle will be strengthened and moisturized by this treatment, giving those brittle curls some much-need structure. Apply your treatment for a minimum of 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. To help maintain your pattern, you could also use a weekly hydrating hair mask. Avocado oil, aloe Vera extract, and butter made from plants are a few substances to look for.

Stay Away from Environmental Irritants

All types of hair are vulnerable to damage, regardless of texture. Many environmental, chemical, and physical factors can harm your hair. It may surprise you to learn that the hair cuticle can be harm by even extreme weather conditions like intense sun, wind, and cold. To protect your hair from further harm from the sun, salt water, and chlorine, it is crucial to apply a protectant before spending the day at the beach or pool. Put a little bottle in your travel bag to ensure you never go to the beach without it.

Make Use of Restorative Styling Products

There are differences among styling goods. Use style solutions that offer moisture as well as repairing components when taking care of frizzy or damage hair. To assist protect your hair’s strands from harm, utilize hair products that are high in emollients, humectants, ceramides, and glycerin. Hydrolyze keratin-base products can give hair that has been frizzle flexibility and gloss. Another potent component to keep an eye out for is sweet almond oil, which has a wealth of vital nutrients as well as omega fatty acids that not only treat hair problems but also encourage new hair development.

Cut Your Ties with the Damage

Occasionally excessive heat style, product build-up, and harsh formulas result in hair damage that simply cannot be fixed. In this situation, cutting out the damaged hair is the best option to restore your natural curl pattern. This can require you to undergo the feared large chop in some circumstances. Keep this in mind before you pass out, yell, or stop reading: Your hair will grow back.

Review Your Whole Schedule

In addition to using heat to style your hair, there are many other components of your routine that could harm it. Think carefully about the tools you are using to untangle your delicate, damaged strands. No matter what kind of hair you have, using the right detangling tool is crucial to keeping those priceless strands healthy. Secondly, think about switching to a microfiber towel from your regular one. Your hair follicles will not be as negatively impacted by the microfiber towel, and it will not overtry your hair as easily. Buying a silk pillowcase may now be appropriate, to finish. You should, at the absolute least, preserve your hair while you sleep by wearing it up in a protective style, such as a bun secured with pins, scrunchies, or another similar accessory. By wearing your hair up during the night, you may keep your cuticles smooth and prevent them from becoming damaged.

Moisturize Your Hair Frequently and Deeply

The most important thing to keep in mind is that moisture is certainly your best friend when trying to regain your curls. Your hair will benefit from deep-conditioning hair masks, leave-in conditioners, hydrating shampoos, and conditioners. The same principle that applies to build-up also applies to moisture: if moisture struggles to move along the curl pattern, it is not evenly distributed across the hair, resulting in dry, brittle strands.

Stop Getting Hair Dyes and Highlights

Fried hair is caused by several factors, not only heat. The hair cuticle can also be harmed and result in hair damage from chemical impacts such as perms, dyeing, or bleaching chemicals. It is advisable to put off dyeing your hair for the time being if it seems brittle, fried, or damaged, especially if the coloring you want to use includes bleach. If you must dye your hair, think about doing it in a shade that is very similar to your natural colour so that your hair has time to recover and grow out until you need more treatments. Consider having a damaged hair treatment in the salon a while you are sitting in the stylist’s chair. The outcomes are frequently considerable, but they can be expensive.


You are probably dealing with some seriously fried locks whether you are celebrating your original curly texture for the very first time or cleaning your hair after heat-styling for an event. The first thing you might do is panic, yet your health and curl pattern are not hopeless. Keep your hair’s natural structure by using the aforementioned advice.

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