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It can be challenging to learn how to style long hair to look short Best Barber. Getting your hair to grow can seem like a major accomplishment for people who have hair that does not grow at a rapid rate. But there is still the issue of monotony, where you feel bored of the same old haircut and get the sudden impulse to do something unusual like cut off all of your hair. However, most of the time, you actually just want to spend a day with short hair without committing to a haircut! What can you do in this case? Fake the appearance of your hair! These are eleven intriguing ways to make your hair look trimmed without actually cutting it off. 

Curl Your Hair

Curly hair has the wonderful reputation of helping hair appear shorter without actually being shorter. Curlers are the most effective way to create curls because heat rollers could subject your hair to high temperatures for an extended period of time, which might not be good for your hair. Launder your hair first. The reason is that at this point it is completely elastic and is the most easily bent into any shape. For the size of curls you want, use hair curlers. The curlers’ alignment, which needs to be organized, is something that needs to be kept in mind. If not, different parts of your hair would stand out, and you would not want that, would you? Curl up in your bed. While I am aware that it will be uncomfortable, I am also aware that it will be worthwhile. Do not brush your hair when you first get up because your curls can be damaged. And voila! There you have it! lovely curls that give your hair a shorter, trendy look!

Use a Kerchief

A silk hair kerchief will work if you do not mind hair ornaments. All you need to do is braid or bun your hair, then pin it onto the hair on your head. Next, grab a kerchief and drape it over your head as women did in the 1960s. Not only do you receive a chic short hairstyle, but you also shield your locks from the sun and other environmental aggressors.

Tuck Your Hair Inside Your Clothes

If you have your neck pulled or are wearing a sweater, this approach will work great. You can style your hair any way you choose by running a brush or comb through it. Afterwards, put the long hair under your sweatshirt. It will basically be like killing two birds with one stone, because your hair will look shorter as well as the sweater will keep you from becoming too cold.

Bobby Pin Flips

straightforward, simple, and appealing. That is how bobby pin flips look. The first step is to part your hair in the style of a headband from ear to ear. Section off the last five to six inches of your hair. The first section should now be raised such that it covers your face. Turn the hair back over to the rear and fix them once more using bobby pins. Finally secure with bobby pins. The remaining pieces should be handled in the same way. Reverse the headband-shaped hair so that it is covering your hair and the bobby pins. You can secure the hair with a few additional bobby pins.

Braid Your Hair

Whenever you braid your locks, they immediately appear shorter. This is especially true for braided hairstyles such as cornrows. The same effect may be achieved with ordinary French braids, though. Begin braiding from the highest point of your head and work your way down. Two braids minimum. Your hair will appear shorter as your braiding gets tighter. One braid can be created by braiding three smaller braids together. You will achieve an eye-catching haircut without drastically shortening your hair. Besides this, you can also try creating box braids by using your hair. In addition, another option is to wear two pigtails twisted around your head with milkmaid braids.

Wear a Ponytail

Keep the shorter piece of your hair in the ponytail so that you can have the short hair you have always desired! And what’s this? Your ponytail has two options: you can coil it up or just clip it onto the rear of your head.

The Beautiful Waterfall

First off, if you have really thick or very fine hair, this style is going to be challenging for you. You will require a large barrette that is roughly 3-5 inches long and 1/2 to 1 inch broad. Start folding your hair up at your shoulders or right below them. Your scalp’s back folding should be brought up to the middle. Put in the barrette after flipping the extra hair onto the front of your head. Let the extra hair cascade in a waterfall style back over the barrette. This causes your hair to appear shorter and fuller.

Use the Headband Technique

Using a headband to make your hair look shorter is as simple as taking a stroll around the park. It is quick and simple. If you are unable to find a soft headband, make one yourself out of a long, thin piece of fabric. Make a lovely ponytail in the middle of your head by running a comb through your hair. Keep the headband in your hands in this position: Holding a headband correctly requires holding one end on the right side and the other on the left. Pulling up after moving the ponytail closer to the neck. Your hair will cover the ponytail as a result. With the help of the headband, create a lovely bow on the crown of the hair. Instead, you might tuck the headband underneath your hair towards the back of your head.

Fake Long Bob

By clipping your hair at the nape, pushing your hair below, and fixing the tips with an elastic, you can simulate a log bob. This one resembles the loose bun in some ways, but there is no need to double up the hair inside the rubber bands. As an alternative to flipping the hair up, you push it beneath the hair and fasten it. In the event that there is some hair left over, it should be flat and untextured.

The Demi Lovato Look

Do you want to try out a bob hairstyle without actually getting the haircut? If so, you should take action like this! Demi Lovato stands out from the competition thanks to her basic yet fashionable bob style. To eliminate those flyaways, all you need to do is use a small bit of shine serum. Your hair will keep its position with a clip if you pull the top portion of it onto the crown of your head. Observe your hair from the bottom up. Split off your head in two-inch segments. The tips of your hair should now be secured with a bobby pin. To provide more stability, use another pin. Now comes the magic at last! Your hair will gracefully flow over the tucked-in strands when you remove the clip from the top of your head. You can tuck the top half’s ends under the pinned sections of the bottom if your hair is all one whole length. Spray hairspray throughout your entire head of hair.

Try the Tiered Style

The waterfall may be more difficult to achieve in case you have thicker hair; instead, try the tiered style. Make sections for the top and bottom of your hair. Pin the tips of the bottom part at the foundation of your neck with hair pins or snap barrettes. the top layer, and repeat the procedure. By placing the top portion just a little higher, you can create a layered or tiered appearance. Twist each segment of hair while you clip it to make the entire process simpler and give your hair a bouncier appearance.


Making your hair appear shorter is a lot easier than you think. You can have a fresh short hairstyle without chopping off any of your priceless locks by using the methods listed above. We advise you to play around with your hair. Maybe you will think up a unique and stylish look all by yourself! However, keep in mind that this procedure is not advised for everyday styling because prolonged heat exposure could harm the hair.

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